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Post 1: Hello

Post 1: Hello 06/06/2021

Hey everyone! My name is Noah Malcomb. I am a Korean American Podcaster, Musician, and now a blogger. I am 20 years old, and I am currently living in South Korea. It has been a wild ride honestly, but now I think it is time to re-brand myself and my projects. It is currently 11:30 PM on a humid and warm night here in Pyeongtaek. There is so much to discuss honestly, and it would make a hell of a monstrous blog post. I’m not really familiar or good at this blogging thing but I think I will get better as this goes on. I hope to make daily posts, but I know I might struggle with it. I’m honestly starting this blog because I’m kind of in a weird spot in my life mental health-wise. So, I’m using this to help vent and articulate what I’m feeling and log my travels and experiences.

In my free time, I have been binge watching ‘Kim’s Convenience’ on Netflix, listening to ‘Dungeons and Daddies’ Podcast, and exploring Korea. Last weekend I went out to Seoul with my friend Kenny. We found a hostel called ‘Step Inn Myeongdong’. I highly recommend it. The location is right around the block from Myeongdong Station and nestled in a corner next to the Royal Hotel Seoul. The price of the room was very affordable, and the staff were friendly. The actual room was small, but it was exceptionally clean and had a great view of the surface streets below. The hostel is located across the street from all the stores, restaurants and cafes in the area, so it is very convenient to go out and shop and explore, and then walk back. Over last weekend, we had walked around 35 KM, just exploring and wandering at our leisure. I highly suggest you do the same if you come here.

Korea is a very safe, and incredibly beautiful country. I appreciate all the hospitality of its peoples and the ease of travel here. I will keep updates on my travels while here. This past weekend was pretty lazy to be honest. Yesterday, I went out to Pyeongtaek proper, and explored with my other friend Kevin. I had a really fun time. We found this Peruvian restaurant called ‘Ceviche 210’ It is a small, yet energetic bar/restaurant. The food and the vibe were both loud, and exciting. I had the Arroz Chaufa. I’m sorry if my descriptions are not that good, I don’t really have the gift of review-driven diction. After eating, Kevin and I walked around and took in the sights. Since Covid, many things were either closed, or they closed early. The streets that presumably used to be bustling, were sort of quiet, except for the many Ex-Pats enjoying their weekend, and the occasional thud of bass emanating from the bars. We had walked around and found a small coffee shop and got these unbelievably delicious Caramel Latte Boba drinks.

Today has been very lazy however, just sitting in my room, recovering from yesterday and the prior week’s headaches and struggles. I had binge-watched ‘Kim’s Convenience’ all day, played Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, and Valorant. Now I am up late at night, refusing to sleep so I can make it to work on time in the morning. Yes, its unhealthy, but I can’t get to sleep, and I really needed to write and keep my mind off of personal issues at hand.

My mental health has been great the past few months to be honest. I have felt motivated, and generally optimistic. But, lately I have been feeling kind of down and I guess some of the emotions and thoughts that I had pushed away these past few months have just come hurtling back at me. I’m not sad or depressed, but I do feel kind of un-motivated. I feel sort-of numb inside. I have done some really fulfilling things, don’t get me wrong; but I kind of feel empty inside right now, like I am not complete. I don’t really have any friends here, all of my friends back home are all working and busy, and the time difference is very extreme. My confidence has steeply declined. I always feel like I’m a burden, or that I’m not good enough, or that the people in my life don’t like me, so every second of my day, I try to please them.

Maybe I should talk to someone about this?

I feel like I miss out on many things and opportunities because I lack the intestinal fortitude to just assert myself or make myself seen. Right now, even, I’m second-guessing half of what I am saying at this moment as I type. Since I could remember, I have always had heavy doubts and worries over every decision, every thought, and every dream I have. So right now, being in a new country, at a new job, surrounded by new people and leadership, I can’t help but have the anxiety and to second guess myself.

I’m staying up too late now. I’ve been rambling, typing, and setting up the blog, re-branding my Instagram, and trying to just have sort of a fresh start. I think I’m just gonna call it a night and watch Netflix until it’s time to change and go to work.

This has been me, Noah Malcomb, signing off for now.

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